Product description

The concentrated syrup of neutral taste, has the property of keeping the mixture frozen in the water ice machine, in a suitable form. The special composition of the neutral base in combination with the ESSENZA fruit purees, by making a simple mix, gives a perfect and balanced result.


DOSAGEMAKING NEUTRAL WATER ICE: 1 dose syrup neutral base – 5 doses water
MAKING WATER ICE WITH FLAVOR: 300 ml neutral base water ice + 30 ml puree fruit of Essenza.
BOX3 X 5 kg

Concentrated fruit pulps for making excellent quality granita. In the production of pulps we use, for the most part, Greek fruits that give exceptional taste-quality characteristics to our products.
Naturalness characterizes our products that do NOT contain preservatives. Pigments, when used, are natural and perfectly permissible. That is, there is NO need to mention a special message or consumption restriction in the retail outlets. So it can be consumed without fear by all groups of consumers and of course by children.