Product description

Pineapple, this fragrant and delicious fruit is grown in many countries of the world and originates from tropical climates. With the ESSENZA Puree, the fresh tropical and summer flavor of the fruit is perfectly reflected in your drink.


COLORDark yellow
TASTE DESCRIPTIONFull-bodied, ripe fruit
WAY OF USESmoothies: ESSENZA fruit puree, in combination with milk or yogurt, gives a perfect taste result, able to cover even the most demanding palate.
Water Ice: Either with a neutral base in a water ice machine, or with ice in the blender, you can make an excellent water ice.
Cocktails: ESSENZA fruit puree, your imagination and the list of all the recipes we have created with recognized bartenders, are the raw materials for the finest cocktails.
PACKINGBottle 1.3 kg
BOX6 X 1.3 kg

High-quality products WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES.
Their high content of fruit allows the preparation of quality drinks.