Pineapple, this fragrant and delicious fruit is grown in many countries of the world and originates from tropical climates. With the ESSENZA Puree, the fresh tropical and summer flavor of the fruit is perfectly reflected in your drink.



Concentrated purees characterized by their high fruit content. Their high content enables the production of quality beverages such as:

Smoothies. ESSENZA fruit purée in combination with milk or yogurt yields a perfect flavor, capable of satisfying even the most demanding customer.

Water ice. Whether using a neutral water ice or a blender, an excellent water ice is prepared.

– Cocktails. ESSENZA fruit purees, your own imagination and the list of recipes we’ve created with recognized bartenders are the raw materials for the finest cocktails.

Naturalness characterizes our products that NOT CONTAINING PRESERVATIVES. Dyes, when used, are natural and absolutely permitted. That’s the reason why, it is NOT needed at the retail outlets to report any special message or consumption limitation. So it can be consumed without fear by all consumer groups.




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6 Χ 1,3 Kg


1,3 Kg