The company “ESSENZA – HELLENIC MANUFACTURING IKE” has established as its obligation the achievement and maintenance of high safety standards for all its products. These standards satisfy the principles and requirements of the most modern and accepted applications and practices with the orientation and goal of food SAFETY, customer SATISFACTION and secondarily the ECONOMY.

To fulfill these requirements, they have developed and implement a Food Safety Management System (FSMS), which ensures that only acceptable products in terms of safety, which comply with the requirements of National and Community Legislation and with the bilaterally agreed requirements of each customer, are made available at the market.

Receiving products of the highest quality in accordance with pre-agreed safety specifications, using the most technologically advanced methods for storing, processing and disposing of products, completing and performing every job correctly from the beginning, and delivering products on time and safely are principles that govern every activity of the company.

The Company’s Management has defined its aims, objectives and commitment to safety. The Company’s individual safety objectives are:

  • Total elimination of deviations from Critical Control Points
  • Zero deviation from legal limits in product analyses
  • Observance of hygiene conditions

The Management, executives and all employees in the company adhere to the company’s predetermined Security Policy and promote every action that promotes and maintains the safety of the products.

The Company’s top management:

  • Provides adequate information and training to staff to fulfill their duties
  • It provides adequate resources to establish, implement, maintain and update the SDAT
  • Maintains a pleasant atmosphere between the company, the employees and the working environment
  • Maintains effective communication:
  • with suppliers and customers in particular for product related information.
  • With competent authorities and other organizations that affect or may be affected by the effectiveness or updating of SDAT

Yours sincerely,